Conferences and Events Management


Conferences and Events Management at its core is about managing people and business operations in an event environment. The Conference and Event Manager is responsible for ensuring that all meetings, seminars, trade shows, or other events run smoothly and successfully.

A Conference and Event Manager’s work is very diverse, with many responsibilities in the planning (before), during (often when on-site at an event venue), and after the event. A Conference and Event Manager’s responsibilities are many, including logistics planning, staff recruiting, room bookings, safety management, registration management, vendor negotiations, and documentation. The business aspects of an event can be complicated to plan out – especially when there are large groups of people involved – but the true power of this role is in their ability to manage people and logistics during an event. A Conference and Event Manager is responsible for negotiating with vendors, planning transportation routes, handling events with large groups of people (the entire conference), arranging room bookings, working with local police or security services to ensure event safety, and much more.

Events can be pretty unpredictable – often they require last-minute changes to the schedule – which requires even more work from the event staff to keep people on track. Even with all of this responsibility, Conference and Event Managers should always provide their teams with updates to help ensure they are fully prepared at every stage in the process – even if that means sending out a reminder an hour before the conference starts!