External Clients

University Fees

University fees will be based on the type of space, the length of usage, and competitive market rates for comparable event spaces.

Other Support Service Fees

Events requiring out of the ordinary support services from University operations such as custodial support, grounds, public safety, logistical services, media services, telecommunications, information technology, and physical plant (i.e. electricians, carpenters, plumbers), could be required to pay a support service fee.

Fee Waivers

Requests for facility use waivers for any event must be submitted in writing to the Office of Conference Services. The Director of Conference Services will be responsible for reviewing and forwarding fee-waiver requests to the appropriate dean/vice chancellor/chancellor for input. Fee waivers will be given utmost consideration if the nature of the events is within the following criteria:

  • Provides high recruitment potential/visibility for prospective students
  • Provides for an educational public forum
  • Provides professional development opportunities for faculty and/or staff
  • Provides internship opportunities for students
  • Provides reciprocal waivers to the University, but do not create a conflict of interest\
  • Provides a beneficial relationship to the University

Note: Anyone requesting a fee waiver must divulge if they have a business or a donor relationship with the University or a staff member. Any request that has the appearance of "quid pro quo" will not be processed.