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Year-round Event Planning Common Questions

What type of University events do you organize?
Conference Services organizes events for departments or student organizations that would like to bring outside guests to the campus. In addition, we work with outside groups that would like to bring conferences, workshops, and fine arts or academic programs that are open to the entire campus or community.TCU is a tobacco-free campus.

Do you offer assistance with instructional equipment, set-up suggestions, food service, dining and catering services, equipment rental, parking, and security?
Yes, we offer assistance in many areas of event planning and coordination. Call us to begin your consultation.

How convenient is it to get to Texas Christian University?
Airport Directions
Campus Maps

Summer Conference and Camps Questions

The following are commonly asked questions about bringing a summer event or camp to Texas Christian University. Conference Services may be able to make special arrangements depending on its needs. To request more information, e-mail us at or call us at 817-257-7641. Please ask for Flo Hill or Calen Jones.

When can I request space for the summer at TCU?
We begin taking reservation requests on November 1.

How many beds are available on the University campus?
Approximately 4,200 beds are available with a wide range of floor plans and room styles, depending on construction and renovation schedules on-campus. We offer apartment-style accommodations, suite-style residences, and traditional hall set-ups. The availability of each depends on your group's size and proposed dates. Please note that returning groups utilizing the same dates from year to year have priority in the housing and facility process. Please have options available for your requests.

I want to bring my group here. How do I start the planning process?
Begin by contacting our staff by phone or e-mail. Please provide some basic information, such as the number of guests, their ages, proposed date, preferred housing accommodations, and additional needs such as facilities, catering, and dining. From this information, we will review our available space to determine if we have the ability to host your group. If approved, we will send you a special events application and begin our process for your event.

What is the down payment and when is it due?
We require 50% of the total facility and housing cost for your down payment. That amount will be in your contract that will go out by March 15 and is due by April 15. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your group's final bill.

What types of guarantees do I have to submit?
We have two guarantee dates. The first one is two weeks before the start date of your program. At this point, you will submit a housing estimate based upon the most accurate information you have. The accuracy of this information is critical as it determines the number of beds for your program and the specific housing location you received. The second one is seven days before your start date and you will submit a final housing and dining guarantee. All guarantees will be billed.

What is the dining guarantee and how does it affect my bill?
The dining guarantee is a number to determine the quantity of food that should be prepared for each meal. A payment of 100% is due before the first meal. The final bill is sent after the last meal and is due upon receipt.

When will I receive my final bill for housing and facilities for my program?
You will receive a final bill within 30 days of departure or as soon as we consolidate your bills for the services provided. All discrepancies must be reported within two weeks of the billing date by e-mail or phone. The final bill amount is due upon receipt.

Can guests bring their computers?
Yes, we have Wi-Fi access in every building for guests 18 years of age and older.. We can provide your guests with an authorized guest of TCU access. This can only be used on personal computers, and charges may be assessed.

Are there phones in the residence halls?
We do not provide phones in the halls.

What amenities are available in the residence hall?
Click here to see what amenities are available in each of residence halls.


Child Protection & Abuse Prevention Training

As of June 1, 2012, state law requires the successful completion of sexual abuse and child molestation prevention training with a written test approved by the Department of State Health Services by every adult attending a summer event or camp with minor children. This new law is in addition to the annual criminal background check and sex offender registration record check already required by any adult who will be accompanying children to a summer event or camp at TCU.

In order to help you meet this new requirement, TCU provides a curriculum, developed by the Texas Baptist Camp Managers Association and approved by the Department of State Health Services, to camps being hosted on-campus. The curriculum offers a statewide uniform course that complies with the new mandated requirements. Each adult attending a summer event or camp where minors are present must complete a minimum of one hour of training (total) addressing the following topics:

  • the definitions and effects of sexual abuse and child molestation;
  • the typical patterns of behavior and methods of operation of child molesters and sex offenders that put children at risk;
  • the warning signs and symptoms associated with sexual abuse or child molestation;
  • the recommended procedures by youth camps to address, prevent, and report suspected sexual abuse or child molestation;
  • ways adults can avoid putting themselves at risk for an accusation of sexual misconduct.

Following the completion of the training materials each adult is required to take the mandatory test. The test must consist of a minimum of 25 questions and address the topics described in the training.
The curriculum is available for download at  Downloads include the State-approved training materials, the mandatory 25-question test, answer key, and certificate of completion. Also, you may download the optional training video. The optional training video is a useful resource; however, it is possible to successfully teach the course by using only the printed training materials. All materials are designed for use by anyone assigned to lead or present the State-mandated training to adults.

Alliance for Children, in working with their parent organization, Darkness to Light, and the TDSHS, are now able to offer the Stewards of Children program online as a state-approved provider for the state-mandated youth camp training. The 2.5 - 3 hour online program matches the content of the facilitator-led training programs currently offered here. While the in-person program is the preferred format, this option may be best for staff coming from out of town who can't get to a facilitator-led program.  Both individuals and organizations can access the training program directly through Darkness to Light at and the program does not have to be completed in one sitting. The fee is $10 per person and the certificate will include the required TDSHS provider code.

The successful completion of training and certificate of completion is required for all adults and must be completed before arriving at TCU. The certificates of completion, background screening, and adult registration forms must be presented to TCU summer event or camp representatives prior to on–campus summer event or camp registration. Any adult participating in a summer event or camp that cannot be documented and certified as successfully completing the State-mandated training will not be allowed to register or allowed on campus. TCU will not provide training.

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