First Steps

External Clients

Photography and Video

Still Photography and Filming/Videotaping – Recognizing that, in general, Texas Christian University campus is open to the public and buildings and grounds serve as a backdrop, amateur still photography and filming and videotaping will not be prohibited unless the recording affects University operations or policies.

Commercial Photography and Video

Commercial photography and filming/videotaping events are considered a Non-University Event by definition. The University holds the right to review the nature and scope of any commercial filming/videotaping and determine if the activity meets University standards. Such reviews fall under the purview of the University's Office of Marketing and Communications.

Location Requests

For any group to film, or conduct photo shoots on the TCU campus, the following are required.

  1. Completed Location Request Form at least 30 days in advance of the preferred film/photo shoot date. This lead-time is necessary to get all proper approval. The request should include the script and details such as preferred date/time, equipment requirements, shot list, etc. .
  2. $1,000 location fee per day (usually just allow one day; up to four hours of time)
  3. Not allowed to use TCU logos, names or landmarks in any shots
  4. All external groups filming on campus must have a TCU employee (usually a member of the Office of Communication staff) present during entire shoot


  1. Applicant submits written request to, including the script and details such as preferred date/time, equipment requirements, shot list, etc.
  2. If approved, the Office of Communication sends an email to Conference Services notifying them of the date/time.
  3. Conference Services then sends the applicant an application and develops a contract outlining the details of the photo shoot.
  4. The applicant will then return the application, signed contract, required insurance and location fee.
  5. Once all items have been returned, Conference Services emails the Office of Communication to notify them that the paperwork is complete and the shoot will proceed.

NOTE: At times the location fee and requirement not to use TCU logos, name or landmarks in shots may be waived dependent upon the situation. The process and insurance policy is never waived.